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  • Introduction to Lu'an Urban Construction Investment Group
    Lu'an Urban Construction Investment Group was established in 2011. In March 2000, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government approved the establishment of the City Investment Corporation. In 2009, the company was reorganized, the Party Committee was established, and the city investment company was established in 2011.
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  • In order to promote the construction of Lu'an medium-sized city and speed up the development and construction of the western leisure area, with the approval of the municipal government, the Lu'an Urban Investment Group and the Yu'an District Government have agreed to jointly develop the Majiabang Project.
  • Ancient City Stream Shadow (Su Dayan Node 1) Ssangyong Jumai (Su Dayan Node 2) Dayan River Landscape Dayan River Landscape 2 Dayan River Blue Luan City Night View
  • Effect drawing of Fenghuangqiao Wastewater Treatment Plant Effect drawing of Fenghuangqiao Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Lu'an Shibaoshan Mausoleum Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lu'an Urban Construction Investment Group. It was incorporated in May 2012 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan and a total investment of about 400 million yuan. Shibaoshan Mausoleum is located
  • Xinyang Avenue is located at East Forty Shop, with a length of 5811.3 meters and a width of 60 meters. The total investment is about 12.57 million yuan. So far, about 75 million yuan of investment has been completed, and 47.61 million yuan of engineering funds have been paid. The picture shows the newly built Xinyang
  • There are 23 buildings in the C and D areas of the Heping resettlement community, with a construction area of 122,000 m2 and a total investment of 153 million yuan. The picture shows the construction site of a peaceful resettlement community
  • The Dayan River E plot resettlement house project is located diagonally opposite to the People's East Road Chinese Medicine Hospital in the urban area, with a total investment of RMB 135.95 million. The project will build a total of three 30-story high-rise residences with a total construction area of approximately 43057 square meters. Including live
  • Lu'an Nanpingyuan Public Rental Housing Project is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Nanping Road and Dongwang Road. It covers an area of 93,949 square meters, with a total construction area of 261,668 square meters, with a total investment of 360 million yuan. It will be implemented in two phases. The project construction week
  • The Health Garden Project (Changgan Landscape Zone C) project is located west of Xinhe West Road, south of Wanxi East Road, and east of People's Hospital. The total land area of the project is 86547.64 square meters, with a total construction area of 259,000 square meters, of which:
  • The resettlement housing project in Area C of Ping'an Dongyuan, Lu'an City broke ground on August 6, 2013. The project is located on the south side of the government of Yu'an District, Lu'an City, at the intersection of Tiantangzhai Road and Yong'an Road. The total area of the project is 99,617 square meters. (149 acres
  • The water supply project of Lu'an No. 1 Water Plant. The first-phase scale of the project is 100,000 m3 / d and the long-term scale is 300,000 m3 / d. The first-phase project is included in the 2012 key project of Lu'an City with a total investment of 224.4474 million yuan. RMB.
  • The starting point of the third phase of the Lu'an section of National Highway 312 starts at Jingsan Road and ends at Liufo Road interchange. Except for the suspension of the reconstruction of the Liushu intersection and the railway station, the actual construction is 6.9 kilometers, and the project uses a first-class highway.
  • Since 2007, a total of 2.9 billion yuan has been raised from the Agricultural Development Bank, China Development Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank, with a total investment of 4.14 billion yuan. Through governance, the environment of the two rivers has been significantly improved. The mother river of the Lu'an people
  • Since 2004, it has invested in more than 40 communities including the Urban Investment Jiayuan, Friendship South Garden, Friendship North Garden, Fengan Community, Nanping Garden, and Health Garden, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan and a building area of 3.8 million square meters. .
  • Located at Qili Station in the central area of Lu'an City, it is a modern high-rise comprehensive office building, an iconic building in Lu'an City. The building area is 46249 square meters and the building height is 128 meters.
  • It is located on the east side of the Wulidun Bridge in the main canal of the Luan River in Lu'an City. It is self-funded and independently developed by Lu'an City Investment Corporation, integrating residential and commercial facades. The total investment is 50 million yuan and the construction area is 30,000 square meters.
  • It is located on the northeast side of Lu'an urban area, connected to the Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway in the north and Lu'an Economic and Technological Development Zone in the south. The total investment of the project is 310 million yuan. ,Nanjing,
  • The land area of Feng'an resettlement community is 208,300 square meters, with a total construction area of 197,700 square meters. 30
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